Sunday, September 1, 2013

Career At Appstar Financial

Appstar Financial has successfully assisted hundreds of people that entered the business with little or no industry experience. In addition to our world class training, AppStar provides support at every step of the sale.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Electronic Payment

Electronic Payment a video by MadeByMark on Flickr.

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This is a simple animation I created for a video using nothing more than Apple's Keynote presentation program.


novastock6133 by Gerard Fritz
novastock6133, a photo by Gerard Fritz on Flickr.

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Shopper swipes her debit / credit card.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Turning Criticisms into Opportunity to Serve Better

Founded in 2002, Appstar Financial is a registered (ISO/MSP) Independent Sales Organization / Merchant Service Provider of Fifth Third Bank. It has been accredited and certified by Better Business Bureau in September 2002 where it maintains an A+ rating based on various specified criteria. The services of Appstar Financial in the electronic payments industry cover providing credit card merchant services, working capital cash advance, E-commerce, check services among others. It mainly provides its clients a bank account that permits businesses to accept and process payments by payment cards such as gift cards and credit or debit cards. In addition to this processing service, the company also leases and sells credit card processing machines through resellers or via direct sales. Most of Appstar Financial’s clients are internet merchants and small to medium-sized retail businesses. 

Appstar has been subjected to criticisms and disapproval from some of its merchants and former employees who are creating issues with malevolent intent such as Appstar financial job scam, and Appstar financial rip off. Usually, Appstar financial complaints come from disgruntled former sales representatives who failed to meet the demands of the job. It is not uncommon that most of the unproductive employees try to blame their inadequacies on others. They tend to hold everybody else responsible for their failure except for themselves especially if everybody else performs well. The itinerary and schedule of the sales representatives are set by the management of Appstar which practically gives them so much leverage so it is quite disappointing is somebody fails miserably. So the tendency of those who fall short of their obligations is to immediately put the fault on their managers and put tirades on the company’s call centers for setting up what they call bogus appointments.
Even issues such as driving hours and job descriptions are put into blown away proportions by detractors and non-performing representatives for lack of sensible reasons that can be held against Appstar Financial. These trivial defense and excuses are being presented to justify their failures and immediately get out of the situation. Deal profits and commission calculations are suddenly criticized whereas all cards and company policies regarding these concerns are clearly laid out prior to their joining the company. Whatever issues these former employees may have with the company which they call appstar scam are all clearly of no consequence for lack of merits both legally and morally. They very well know of this fact so they purposely chose to voice out their frustrations through social media sites and other mediums where they hope to get some public sympathy. In doing so, only one side of the coin is initially exposed and negative implications are created. 

In all business operations most especially in the financial industry, there are always bumps along the way. Appstar Financial has no claims of having perfect transactions with its diverse clients all the time. Out of its millions of business partners and clienteles, a small and manageable percentage of Appstar financial complaints have been filed with BBB. These complaints have been dealt with and resolved accordingly based on the business standards set by authorities. Most cases filed resulted from simple confusions in the contracts because some clients just signed without reading and understanding all the stipulations. All sales representatives of Appstar are highly trained to present the business proposals fully and clearly. A copy of the contract is left to the clients to give them more time to read and to contemplate whether it suits their requirements or not but despite the complete and absolute effort from the company, some isolated slips still occur in the process. 

Proper channel for complaints from the clients and business decorum from the side of Appstar Financial are the key for satisfactory resolution and settlement. It is fully comprehensible and reasonable for being upset if you feel that you don’t get what you have paid for. No business will purposely frustrate their clients with lousy products and services more so, Apsstar. The company maintains that nothing rational and sensible can be achieved if issues are not presented based on the guidelines of the industry. The company’s focus has never been misaligned with its goal of providing the best processing payment solutions and programs to its customers; so they are very particular and careful with customer complaints no matter how big or small.
 Amidst the whole talks about Appstar scam and Appstar financial complaints, the company’s reputation and actual performance remained untarnished. It remains to be among the leading companies in the electronics payments industry. Its almost ten years of competent business operations affirms its integrity and reliability. Appstar Financial’s genuine commitment and dedication to provide the best quality payment processing services is its strong hold against the business odds which were created unknowingly or purposely by some cynics and competing businesses. Nonetheless, for this company it is all part of the game and situations like these make them more determined to come up with the best in their line of trade.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Career Opportunities With Appstar

Appstar offers tremendous opportunities of learning and growth to the people who join them. Their training is world class and hence their is a great scope for new comers to learn and grow working for them.
The sales people that they hire are given chances to go out to clients and present the compnay products in front of them. The process goes like ----
Company presets appointments with the clients in a local area. A local sales manager trains the sale man to represent the company. Then sales person alone or with the manager goes to client.
This gives confidence as well as an extra edge in training the new sales person.